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Public Service

Alongside the adventure, learning, and fun, we also provide service to the community. We do several service projects, but here are some of our more regular ones.

Earhart Cleanup

We are very fortunate to live in a community that has such excellent schools, 2 of which are located in the Bayfarm section of Alameda. We have participated in the beautification of Amelia Earhart Elementary which includes such things as planting, cleaning and more.

Bayfarm Cleanup

The other amazing school on Bayfarm Island is Bayfarm Elementary/Middle School. Similar to Amelia Earhart Elementary, we have also provided cleanup, gardening services, and more to Bayfarm Elementary.

Coastal Cleanup

Sadly, the Alameda shoreline has the capability of being very beautiful, and home to many wildlife. Unfortunately, it is often home to litter as well. We perform a minimum of 1 cleanup of our coastline, in most cases, the Crab Cove area.

Scouting For Food

This is an annual event near the Thanksgiving holiday. Scouting for food is a two-part event; first is the placement of the door hangers. These hangers let residents know that we are collecting food for the less fortunate. The second part is the collection of the food which takes place one week after the door hangers are placed. This is an amazing event and benefits so many families.  


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